Our Eclairs

Eclair is a unique patisserie concept in Dubai, entirely dedicated to the world of éclairs.

We are aiming at the highest quality possible with tradition and authenticity in mind, sourcing the freshest and finest ingredients.

Our head chef, Bertrand Espouy created a line of exquisite éclairs declined in beautiful and delectable combinations and paying tribute to the history of French flavours, style and elegance.

Our choux pastries are light and delicate shells baked to perfection and filled with an ideally balanced filling that is both decadent and delicious. The result is a delightful temptation, creating sublime bursts of flavor in every mouthful.

Eclair chocolat au lait

Delicate filling with a smooth and indulgent crémeux, flavoured with Ghana origin French Valrhona chocolate.

Eclair thé matcha

Inspired from Japanese tradition, experience the refreshing yet subtle and delicate taste of matcha tea in this sophisticated vibrant green velvet éclair.

Eclair framboise

Crimson-red éclair with tangy and light raspberry filling, bursting with the flavor of freshly picked berries.

Eclair yuzu

The expressive and acidulous taste of yuzu in a light and delicate éclair.

Eclair vanille

Delicate cream laced with lavishing notes of real Tahiti superior vanilla.

Eclair cassis-violette

Subtle balance of fresh and tangy blackcurrant purée and mascarpone, creating a sophisticated and elegant éclair.

Eclair caramel au beurre salé

Tantalizing cream with unctuous and decadent caramel and a hint of salt to tickle the taste buds.

Eclair Chocolat Noir

Tantalising cream for a classic éclair filled with a light crémeux fully expressing character and strength of Valhrona grand-cru dark chocolate for chocolate lovers.

Eclair rose-pistache

Fresh house made pistachio paste blended with a light filling infused with a little orange peel. The icing is delicately infused with rose petals. An éclair bursting with oriental flavours.

Eclair café

A traditional éclair filled with a crème pâtissière laced with powerful and attractive accents of arabica coffee.

Eclair Dates

An eclair for the Gulf, filled with pure creamy date paste lightened with French cream.

Eclair creme de marron

Perfectly baked shells of choux imbued with a deliciousvelvety cream of chestnut and topped with hazelnut meringue soufflé

Eclair fruit de la passion

An exotic twist on a classic éclair, the passion fruit hints bring freshness to the mellow and satisfying mascarpone filling.

Le Traditionnel

Perfectly baked shells of choux imbued with delicate cream and hand glazed with dark chocolate icing.

Eclair Gianduja

An elegant balance of hazelnut cremeux and milk chocolate fill this delectable éclair and topped to perfection.

Eclair Dulcey Rosemary

An eclairfilled with a creamy roasted white chocolate infused with a hint of rosemary incased in a perfectly baked choux shell.