Story of Eclair

Largely influenced by the magnificence of the Royal courts of history, pastry making has to be the most noble of all specialties of French cuisine. And if one had to name the most prestigious of all patisseries, it would have to be the one that has long been French people’s favourite dessert… the éclair.

Eclairs represent the quintessence of savoir-faire a la francaise: a brilliant blending of dazzling elegance and sobriety in shape; perfect texture of golden, heavenly-scented choux-pastry; sublime art of glossy icing and divine balance of cream. The resultant flavour is a resplendent delight.

First invented around 1850 by the greatest of all French pastry chefs, Antonin Careme, the éclair (originally named “petite duchesse”) was a finger-shaped choux pastry rolled in almonds. Careme decided to fill them with chocolate cream and a fondant icing topping. It soon became so popular that it was renamed “Eclair” (lightening) as people said they were “so good, they are devoured quick as a flash…”

It is with this grand heritage in mind and using traditional recipes and baking methods that we are still working today.